4/27/2016- Luminatus has a new guitar player! Tim Landis has taking over the 6 string axe duties. We welcome him aboard and excited about our continued forward motion.  e.

​​7/3/2015- Luminatus has added Scott Mullenix on guitars and Michael Rodriguez on drums. We are very happy to have them both on board and are looking forward to our future with them..

Luminatus News.

4/21/2015- Luminatus will be performing at the Phoenix Comicon 2015 on their kick-off night Thursday May 28th from 6 to 7pm on the 3rd Street Stage..

4/20/2015- The new Luminatus Web Site is launched!

10/19/2016- Luminatus is excited to announce the release of our first full length album on Crynos Records titled Forbidden Passages. The release date is November 4th 2016 and on that date we will be playing a Dual Release Show with our friends Run, Definitely Run who will be releasing their EP "Hey, Listen!" as well. Check the Tour page for the show info. 

11/27/2016- Luminatus is looking for a permanent guitarist. Contact us for audition details!!!

4/20/2015- We will be filming a live action promotional video on May 2nd 2015..


2/16/2017- Luminatus will be filming a video for the song The Dead Arise on February 25th /2017. It will be filled with Zombie action goodness!!!!