Luminatus had its beginnings as a Nightwish tribute band in Phoenix, Arizona in 2010, featuring Holly McGinty (vocals) of Adavant, Justin Schmid (guitar) of Hung Dynasty, Dale Skutt (keys) of Driver 6 and Shawn Armenta band, and David Chaney (bass) of Dover Trench, Doomsday, and Jarra. Rebranding themselves as an original symphonic metal band in 2012, they released a 4-song EP of originals, Sands of Time, in 2013, and a full-length album, Forbidden Passages, on the indie Crynos label in 2016. The current lineup consists of McGinty, Chaney, and Skutt, with drummer Michael Rodriguez and guitarist Nick WIlliams.

Luminatus has opened for Primal Fear, Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Alestorm, Nekrogoblin, Sonata Arctica, Leave's Eyes, Arkona, Ne Obliviscarus, The Dawn Chose Orion, and Run Definitely Run.raph here.